LPAR Validation Tool Determines Hypervisor Memory Use

Published 01 February 2005

Authors: Scott Vetter


The LPAR Validation Tool is a useful tool in validating LPAR configurations. It can also be used to determine memory used by the Hypervisor


A functional role that has been incorporated into the Information Center application is the ability to download new and useful tools. One example of this is the availability of the LPAR Validation Tool (LVT) on the InfoCenter Web site.


The LVT assists the user in the design of an LPAR system, and provides an LPAR validation report that reflects the user’s system requirements, while not exceeding LPAR recommendations.

The LVT, during configuration, will report hypervisor memory usage on p5 and i5 systems as shown in the following figure. This tool is very useful for planning, especially in constrained memory environments. It also assists you in determining if, for example, you have enough SCSI adapters to support a number of LPARs.

Memory Specifications

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