iSeries Acronyms Glossary


This technote is a re-publication of an Appendix in the iSeries System Handbook, Abbreviations and Acronymns. The content was removed from the Handbook to serve as a stand-alone document for update and project management purposes. The content has been removed from the May 2004 update of the Handbook.


This technote can serve as a document to reference the acronyms and abbreviations found in documentation relative to iSeries servers.


K 1,024 bytes

M 1,000,000 bytes

M 1,048,576 bytes

G 1,000M bytes

T 1,000G bytes

bps bits per second

Kbps 1,024 bps

Mbps 1,048,576 bps

lpm lines per minute

lpi lines per inch

cps characters per second

cpi characters per inch

bpi bits per inch

cpl characters per line

ips inches per second

dpi dots per inch

ipm impressions per minute


ACD Automated Call Director

ADCS Advanced Data Communications for Stores

ADSM ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager

AFP Advanced Function Printing

APAR Authorized Program Analysis Report

API application programming interface

APPC Advanced Program to Program Communication

APPN Advanced Peer to Peer Network

ARP Address Resolution Protocol

ASP Application Solution Provider

ASP auxiliary storage pool

ATM asynchronous transfer mode

AUI Attachment Interface Unit

AWT Abstract Windowing Toolkit

B2B business to business

B2C business to consumer

BBU Battery Backup Unit

BI Business Intelligence

BIOS Basic Input Output System

BLOB binary large object

BRI Basic Rate Interface

BRMS Backup and Recovery Media Services

BSC bisynchronous

CDMF Commercial Data Masking Facility

CCIN Custom Card Identification Number

CCSID Coded Character Set ID

CCW Continuous Composite Worm

CEC Central Electronics Complex

CGI Common Gateway Interface

CICS Customer Information Control System

CIF Customer Install Feature

CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing

CL control language

CLOB Character Large Object

CODE Cooperative Development Environment

COLD Computer Output to Laser Disk

CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture

CPA Common Programming APIs

CPM continuously powered main storage

CPW Commercial Processing Workload

CRG Cluster Resource Group

CSA Callpath Services Architecture

CSU Customer Setup

CSV comma separated variable

CUoD Capacity Upgrade on Demand

DASD direct access storage device

DBCS double byte character set

DBLOB double byte large object

DCA Document Content Architecture

DCE Distributed Computing Environment

DDE Dynamic Data Exchange

DDL Database Definition Language

DDM Data Directory Manager

DECS Domino Enterprise Connection Services

DES Data Encryption Standard

DFU Data File Utility

DHCF Distributed Host Command Facility

DIMM Dual Inline Memory Module

DLL Dynamic Link Library

DMZ Demilitarized Zone

DOLS Domino Off-Line Services

DOM Document Object Model

DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture

DSD Dedicated Server Domino

DSL Digital Subscriber Line

DSNX Distributed System Node Executive

DSP Digital Signal processing

DST Dedicated Service Tools

DTD Document Type Definition

DUOW Distributed Unit of Work

EADS A term used to label a Multi-Adapter Bridge Boundary

ECS Electronic Customer Support

EJB Enterprise JavaBeans

EJS Enterprise JavaServer

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

ESP Extreme Support Through Personalization

ESS Enterprise Storage Server

EVI encoded-vector index

FCMU File Compose and Merge Utility

FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard

FFDC first failure data capture

FFT Final Form Text

FSIOP File Serving Input Output Processor

FSP Flexible Service Processor

FTP File Transfer Protocol

FRCA Fast Response Cache Accelerator

FULIC Featured User Licensed Internal Complex

GUI graphical user interface

HCP Host Command Processor

HPOFS High Performance Optical File System

HPT Host Print Transform

HSL high-speed link

HSM Hierarchical Storage Manager

HTML Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HVD High Voltage Differential

IASP independent auxiliary storage pool

IBM International Business Machines

ICA Integrated Computing Architecture

ICC Information Catalog Center

ICM Information Catalog Manager

ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol

ICSS Internet Connection Secure Server

IDLC ISDN Datalink Control

IDRC improved data recording capability

IGP Intelligent Graphics Processor

IIOP Internet Inter-ORB Protocol

IKE Internet Key Exchange

ILE Integrated Language Environment

IMPI Internal Machine Program Instruction

INS Integrated Netfinity Server

IOA Input Output Adapter

IOP Input Output Processor

IPCS Integrated PC Server

IPDS Intelligent Printer Data Stream

IPL Initial Program Load

IPLA International Program License Agreement

IPP Internet Printing Protocol

IPS IP over SNA Snackets

IPSec IP Security Protocol

IPX Internet Packet exchange

ISA Industry Standard Architecture

ISDB Interactive Source Debugger

ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

ITF Interactive Terminal Facility

ITU International Telecommunication Union

IXA Integrated xSeries Adapter

IXS Integrated xSeries Server for iSeries

IMPI Internal microprogram instruction

JDBC Java Database Connectivity

JDBC Java Database Connection

JDK Java Developer Kit

JFC Java Foundation Classes

JIT Just in Time (Java compiler)

JNDI Java Naming and Directory Interface

JSP JavaServer Pages

JVM Java virtual machine

L2TP Level 2 Tunneling protocol

LAN local area network

LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

LEI Lotus Enterprise Integrator

LID License Information Document

LLC Logical Link Control

LOB Large Object

LOB Line of Business

LPAR logical partition

LPD Line Printer Daemon

LPDA Link Problem Determination Aid

LPR Line Printer Requester

LVD Low Voltage Differential

LPO Licensed Program Offering

LTO Linear Tape Open

LZ1 Lempel Ziv 1

MABB Multi Adapter Bridge Boundary

MAC Media Access Control

MBPS Mega Bytes Per Second

MCM multi-chip module

MCU Mail and Calendaring Users

MDI Microsoft Data Interchange

MES Miscellaneous Equipment Specification

MFIOP Multifunction input/output processor

MIB Management Information Base

MMF Multi Mode Fiber

MO Magneto-Optical

MQI Message Queue Interface

MRI Machine Readable Instruction

MSF Mail Services Framework

MULIC Machine User License Internal Code

MVS Multiple Virtual Storage

NC Network Computer

NLS national language support

NNTP Net News Transfer Protocol

NRF Network Routing Facility

NSM Network Station Manager

NTAP Windows NT Application Processors

ODBC Open Database Connectivity

ODF Object Distribution Facility

OLAP Online Asynchronous Processing

OLP Optical Link Processor

OLTP online transaction processing

ORB Object Request Broker

OSF Open Software Foundation

PASE Portable Application Solutions Environment

PBX Private Branch Exchange

PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect

PCL Printer Control Language

PCML Panel Call Markup Language

PDF Portable Document Format

PDM Programming Development Manager

PDML Panel Definition Markup Language

PDPA Physical Device Placement Aid

PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection

PIN Personal Identification Number

PING Packet Internet Groper

POD Processor on Demand

POP Post Office Protocol

PPP Point to Point Protocol

PRPQ Programming Request for Price Quotation

PSF Printing Support Facility

PTF program temporary fix

PVC Private Virtual Circuit

QIC Quarter Inch Cartridge

QMF Query Management Facility

R/DARS Report Data Archive and Retrieval System

RAD Rapid Application Development

RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disks

RCD Read Cache Device

RDBMS relational database management system

RF Radio Frequency

RFC Request for Comments

RFT Revisable Form Text

RIP Routing Information Protocol

RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computing

RJE Remote Job Entry

RLU Report Layout Utility

RMI remote method invocation

RPG Report Program Generator

RPO Record Purpose Only

RPQ Request for Price Quotation

RPR Relative Performance Rating

RSP relative system performance

SAA Systems Application Architecture

SAN storage area network

SCM Single Chip Model

SCM Software Configuration Management

SCSI Small Computer System Interface

SDA Screen Design Aid

SDF Server Definition File

SDLC Synchronous Datalink Control

SEU System Expansion Unit

SEU Source Entry Utility

SHM Short Hold Mode

SIMM Single Online Memory Module

SLIC System Licensed Internal Code

SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol

SMAPP System Managed Access Path Protection

SMF Single Mode Fiber

SMP Symmetric Multi Processing

SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SMU Simple Mail Users

SNA Systems Network Architecture

SNADS SNA Distribution Services

SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol

SOI Silicon-on-Insulator

SPCN System Power Control Network

SPD System Products Division

SQL Structured Query Language

SSL Secure Sockets Layer

SSP System Support Program

SST System Service Tools

SUE System Unit Expansion

SVC Switched Virtual Circuit

TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TIMI Technology Independent Machine Interface

TMA Tivoli Management Agent

UDB Universal Database

UDF user defined functions

UDP User Datagram Protocol

UDT user defined types

UOW Unit of Work

UPS uninterruptible power supply

URL Universal Resource Locator

URL Uniform Resource Locator

UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair

VM Virtual Machine

VPN virtual private network

VRU Voice Response Unit

VSE Virtual Storage Extended

WAF Workfolder Application Facility

WAN Wide Area Network

WML Wireless Markup Language

WORM Write-Once-Read-Many

WWW World Wide Web

W3 World Wide Web

XSL Extensible Stylesheet Language

XML Extensible Markup Language

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