DB2 MQ Listener error sql0440

Published 04 February 2004

Authors: Chuck Ballard


We successfully added a Java stored procedure to the DB2 MQ Listener configuration. However, when we executed the procedure, it ended with error sql0440.


We created a Java stored procedure for DB2 MQ Listener using the DB2 Development Center, and it ran without error. The task of the stored procedure is to parse the message passed to it by the DB2 Listener and update the data warehouse. To enable this, we used an input parameter, inMsg, that was defined for the stored procedure.

We successfully added this to the DB2 MQ Listener configuration. However, when we ran DB2 MQ Listener we received an sql0440 error message.

There are several situations where you could receive this message. In our situation it was because we did not specify an output parameter. We did not originally supply one because we did not require one. However, DB2 MQ Listener uses a fixed format and so requires an output parameter, and it requires the name of outMsg. The following is the stored procedure format required by DB2 MQ Listener:

Schema.proc(in inMsg inMsgType, out outMsg outMsgType)

The variables inMsgType and outMsgType are discovered at startup time, and the datatypes varchar, CLOBand BLOBare all supported.

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