Published 04 February 2004, updated 05 April 2004

Authors: Chuck Ballard


Incorrect permissions may cause DB2 UDB V8.1 not to find a valid license.


When we were running DB2 V8.1 with AIX, it started in “Try & Buy” mode, even though a valid license was installed.

Incorrect permissions on the /var/ifor/nodelock file or /var/ifor directory can cause DB2 not to find a valid license on AIX. For other UNIX and Linux platforms check the /var/lum/nodelock file and /var/lum directory.

This error could occur for several reasons. Here are two examples and the associated fixes:

  • If the instance owner does not have the authority to access the /var/ifor directory or the /var/ifor/nodelock file. This can happen, for example, if the license tool (db2licm -a) is run as root, and read access is not granted to the instance owner. To fix this problem, change the permissions on the file and the directory by issuing the commands:

      chmod 644 /var/ifor/nodelock

      chmod 644 /var/ifor

  • This error can also occur if the instance has not been updated following the installation of one DB2 product over another existing DB2 product. For example, this can occur if you install a DB2 server, and then install DB2 Connect. To fix this problem, run db2iupdt against all instances.

For more information on the db2iupdt command see the DB2 Quick Beginnings manual for your specific platform.

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