What's New with Lotus Enterprise Integrator 6.5 for iSeries?


This tip briefly describes what's new for Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) 6.5, that is specific for the iSeries platform. Support for Domino 6.5 for iSeries and LEI 6.5 for iSeries is expected by the fourth quarter of 2003.

For related information about this topic, refer to the following IBM Redbooks publication:
Implementing IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator 6 on the IBM eServer iSeries Server, SG24-6941-00


What's new in LEI 6.5 specific to the iSeries platform:
  • Additional Lotus Connector availability. The following Lotus Connectors are now supported on the IBM eServer iSeries platform:
    • DB2
    • Notes
    • File system
    • Text
    • Metaconnectors
    • SAP R/3
    • ODBC (new for LEI 6.5 for iSeries)
    With the new support for the ODBC connector comes support for the following backend data sources:
    • Orcale
    • Sybase
    • SQL Server
    • Informix

    Note: Support for the new ODBC connector requires OS/400 V5R2 or later as it uses the OS/400 PASE support.
  • Multi-versioning support on iSeries:
    LEI on iSeries supports the existence of multiple versions of Domino running at the same time on one server. However, as with the other platforms that support LEI, there must be a corresponding Domino version running to support LEI. For example, LEI 6.5 is only supported in conjunction with Domino 6.5 or 6.0.3, not a previous version of Domino such as 6.0.2. The LEI install and uninstall utilities automatically access the partition that contains the corresponding Domino version. The installer will notify you if the Domino server is not a version that the installer supports. You can then either select a different Domino server or exit the installation.

For more of what's new for LEI 6.5 in general, refer to the LEI 6.5 documentation available on the Lotus Developers Domain Documentation Library Web site. Here is the direct link:

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02 September 2003

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