Service Processors Supported in IBM Netfinity and IBM eServer xSeries Servers

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This tip lists which IBM System x (including xSeries and Netfinity) servers support the range of Advanced System Management (ASM) service processors:

Advanced System Management Processor
Integrated System Management Processor
Baseboard Management Controller
Advanced System Management PCI Adapter, part 01K7209
Remote Supervisor Adapter, part 09N7585
Remote Supervisor Adapter II, part 59P2984
Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine, part 73P9341
Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine Refresh 1, part 39Y9566
Remote Supervisor Adapter II-EXA, part 13N0382

It also lists if the service processor supports connecting to an ASM interconnect network and if a cable kit is required. For more information about the service processors and how to install and use them with IBM Director, see the IBM Redbooks publication: Implementing IBM Director 5.20, SG24-6188.

Changes in the last update:
* Added x3200 M2 and x3250 M2

For related information about this topic, refer to the following IBM Redbooks publication:
Implementing IBM Director 5.20, SG24-6188-03


The following table lists the service processors that are standard and optional in IBM System x servers, including the older xSeries and Netfinity families of servers.

For more information about support of these devices, see the IBM ServerProven program,

The values in the table have the following meaning:

  • Standard: The service processor comes standard with the server, either in the form of a chip or an adapter. If Standard is shown in the Interconnect column, this indicates that the service processor can be connected to an ASM interconnect bus with no additional hardware (other than a Cat5 cable).
  • Optional: The service processor can be purchased as an option. If Optional is shown in the Interconnect column, this indicates that support is provided if an RSA or RSA II is installed.
  • No: The server does not support the service processor. If No is shown in the Interconnect column, this indicates that the server does not support the interconnect bus.
  • Cable kit: To connect one of the older service processor to an interconnect bus, an ASM Interconnect Cable Kit, part 03K9309, is required. (Note: This kit may no longer be avaliable from IBM but may be available from other sources.) This kit contains the following components:

    ASM Interconnect Cable Kit, part 03K9309

Netfinity serversASMPISMPOther SPBMCMini-BMCASM PCI AdapterRSARSA IIRSA II SlimlineInterconnect
Netfinity 1000NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Netfinity 3000NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Netfinity 3500 familyNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Netfinity 4000RNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Netfinity 4500RStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoNoCable kit
Netfinity 5000StandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoNoCable kit
Netfinity 5100StandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoNoCable kit
Netfinity 5500 familyStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoNoCable kit
Netfinity 5600StandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoNoCable kit
Netfinity 6000RStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoNoStandard
Netfinity 7000NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Netfinity 7000 M10NoNoNoNoNoStandardNoNoNoCable kit
Netfinity 7100StandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoNoStandard
Netfinity 7600StandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoNoStandard
Netfinity 8500RNoNoNoNoNoStandardNoNoNoCable kit
xSeries serversASMPISMPOther SPBMCMini-BMCASM PCI AdapterRSARSA IIRSA II SlimlineInterconnect
xSeries 100NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
xSeries 130 8654StandardNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoStandard
xSeries 130 8672NoNoWinbond W83791DNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
xSeries 135 8654Standard8NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoStandard8
xSeries 135 8672NoNoWinbond W83791DNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
xSeries 150StandardNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoStandard
xSeries 200NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
xSeries 205NoNoWinbond W83791NoNoNoOptionalNoNoOptional2
xSeries 206NoNoNoNoNoNoNoOptionalNoOptional2
xSeries 206mNoNoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptional2
xSeries 220NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
xSeries 225 (8647)NoNoWinbond W791DNoNoNoOptionalNoNoOptional2
xSeries 225 (8649)NoNoWinbond W791DNoNoNoNoOptional1NoOptional2
xSeries 226NoNoWinbond W791DNoNoNoNoOptionalNoOptional2
xSeries 230StandardNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoStandard
xSeries 232NoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoOptional2
xSeries 235NoStandardNoNoNoNoNoOptionalNoOptional2
xSeries 236NoStandardNoNoNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
xSeries 240StandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoNoCable kit
xSeries 250StandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoNoStandard
xSeries 255NoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalOptional1NoStandard
xSeries 260NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
xSeries 300NoNoWinBond W83791DNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
xSeries 305NoNoNoNoNoNoOptionalOptional1NoOptional2
xSeries 306NoNoNoNoNoNoNoOptional1NoOptional2
xSeries 306mNoNoNoYesNoNoNoOptional1NoOptional2
xSeries 330 (8654)StandardNoNoNoNoOptionalOptional3NoNoStandard
xSeries 330 (8674)StandardNoNoNoNoNoOptional3NoNoStandard
xSeries 330 (8675)StandardNoNoNoNoNoOptional3NoNoStandard
xSeries 335NoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalYes7NoStandard4
xSeries 336NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
xSeries 340StandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoNoCable kit
xSeries 342NoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoStandard
xSeries 343NoNo5NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
xSeries 345NoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalOptional1NoStandard
xSeries 346NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
xSeries 350StandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNoNoNoStandard
xSeries 360NoNoNoNoNoNoStandardNoNoCable kit
xSeries 365NoNoNoNoNoNoNoStandardNoCable kit
xSeries 366NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
xSeries 370NoNoNoNoNoStandardNoNoCable kit
xSeries 380NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
xSeries 382NoNo5NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
xSeries 440NoNoNoNoNoNoStandardNoNoCable kit
xSeries 445NoNoNoNoNoNoStandardOptional6NoCable kit
xSeries 450NoNoNoNoNoNoStandardNoNoCable kit
xSeries 455NoNoNoNoNoNoStandardNoNoCable kit
xSeries 460NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoStandardNo
eServerASMPISMPBMCMini-BMCASM PCI AdapterRSARSA IIRSA II SlimlineInterconnect
eServer 325NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoNoNo
eServer 326NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoOptionalNoOptional2
eServer 326mNoNoNoStandardNoNoNoOptionalNoOptional2
System x serversASMPISMPBMCMini-BMCASM PCI AdapterRSARSA IIRSA II SlimlineInterconnect
System x3105NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
System x3200NoNoNoNoStandardNoNoNoOptionalNo
System x3200 M2NoNoNoNoStandardNoNoNoOptionalNo
System x3250NoNoNoNoStandardNoNoNoOptionalNo
System x3200 M2NoNoNoNoStandardNoNoNoOptionalNo
System x3400 NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
System x3455NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoNoNo
System x3500NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
System x3550 NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
System x3650NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
System x3650 TNoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoSpecial bidNo
System x3655NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
System x3755NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
System x3800 8865NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
System x3800 8866NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOpt or StdNo
System x3850 8863NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOptionalNo
System x3850 8864NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoOpt or StdNo
System x3950 / ENoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoStandardNo
System x3850 M2NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoStandardNo
System x3950 M2NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoStandardNo
iDataPlex serversASMPISMPOther SPBMCMini-BMCASM PCI AdapterRSARSA IIRSA II SlimlineInterconnect
iDataPlex dx320NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoNoNo
iDataPlex dx340NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoNoNo
iDataPlex dx360NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoNoNo
Blade serversASMPISMPOther SPBMCMini-BMCASM PCI AdapterRSARSA IIRSA II SlimlineInterconnect
HS20 8878, 8832NoStandardNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
HS20 8843, 7981NoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoNoNo
HS21, HS21 XMNoNoNoStandardNoNoNoNoNoNo

Notes from the table:
  1. The server needs the latest system BIOS, ISMP firmware, and RSA II firmware to support the Remote Supervisor Adapter II.
  2. Supports the ASM interconnect by purchasing a Remote Supervisor Adapter or Remote Supervisor Adapter II (whichever is supported).
  3. The xSeries 330 (8654, 8674, 8675) supports the Remote Supervisor Adapter as a gateway only. The onboard ASMP provides all the system management functions. For x330 models 8674 and 8675, you should install the I2C cable (20-pin cable), which will be used to provide the Remote Supervisor Adapter with power. The external AC power supply will only be used for redundancy. However, on the x330 model 8654, you should not install the I2C cable (20-Pin Cable), but you must use the external AC power supply that is supplied with the adapter.
  4. The xSeries 335 uses Cable Chain Technology (C2T) for the interconnect connection between the servers. If an xSeries 335 server is the last server in the chain, do not install the terminator because the server is self terminating. See the xSeries 335 User’s Guide for details on how to configure the interconnect.
  5. The xSeries 343 and xSeries 382 have a built-in service processor that provides system management functions. Installing additional service processors in this system is not supported. See the server documentation for more information.
  6. The xSeries 445 supports the Remote Supervisor Adapter II-EXA, part 13N0382, but not the Remote Supervisor Adapter II, part 59P2984.
  7. The xSeries 335 supports the Remote Supervisor Adapter II; however, the C2T function of the x335 will not work with the RSA II because the adapter's video disables the onboard video. Customers will need to install an RSA II in every x335, if they want to use the remote video functionality of the RSA II. See for more information.
  8. The ASMP in the xSeries 135 8654 is a standard component on the system planar but not supported by the preloaded software.

Special Notices

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