SAN - Dealing With Zoning Conflicts

Published 26 August 2002, updated 07 August 2003

Authors: Jon Tate


IBM TotalStorage SAN Switch - clearing zoning conflicts


Zoning conflict parameters
When merging two fabrics, zoning information from the two previously separated
fabrics is merged as much as possible into the new fabric. Sometimes, zoning
inconsistency can occur and zoning information cannot be merged.

Segmentation due to zoning will usually be flagged by an error message that
says "Fabric segmented, zone conflict" appearing in the error logs.
One of the solutions is to make sure zoning information on both switches is
consistent before bringing up the ISL.

The other solution is to make sure that the switch we are adding to the fabric is
cleared of any zoning information. This can be done by following this process:

  1. Telnet into the switch you are adding, and press Enter.
  2. Login, enter your userid and password, disable the switch with the switchdisable command.
  3. Disable the active configuration using cfgdisable, for example, cfgdisable “ITSO_CFG ”.
  4. Issue the cfgclear command to clear all zoning information.
  5. Issue the cfgsave command to save the changes.
  6. Issue the switchenable command to enable the switch.

This is the example command flow of this process.

This image shows the commands for the six steps  listed above.

Special Notices

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