IBM DS8900F Performance Best Practices and Monitoring

A draft IBM Redbooks publication

Updated 16 September 2021

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IBM Form #: SG24-8501-00

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Authors: Peter Kimmel, Sherri Brunson, Lisa Martinez, Luiz Moreira, Ewerson Palacio, Rick Pekosh, Ali Rizvi, Paul Smith


One of the primary criteria in judging a storage server is performance, that is, how fast it responds to a read or write request from an application server. How well a storage server accomplishes this task depends on the design of its hardware, its firmware, and its configuration.

This publication is intended for individuals who want to maximize the performance of their DS8900 storage systems and investigate the planning and monitoring tools that are available.

Table of contents

Part 1. IBM System Storage DS8000 performance considerations
Chapter 1. IBM System Storage DS8900F family characteristics
Chapter 2. Hardware configuration
Chapter 3. Logical configuration concepts and terminology
Chapter 4. Logical configuration performance considerations
Part 2. IBM System Storage DS8000 performance management
Chapter 5. Understanding your workload
Chapter 6. Performance planning tools
Chapter 7. Practical performance management
Part 3. Performance considerations for host systems and databases
Chapter 8. Host attachment
Chapter 9. Performance considerations for the IBM i system
Chapter 10. Performance considerations for IBM z Systems servers
Chapter 11. Database for IBM z/OS performance

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