A Practical Guide to Managing Reference Data with IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Reference Data Management Hub

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Published 02 May 2013, updated 06 May 2013

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ISBN-10: 0738438022
ISBN-13: 9780738438023
IBM Form #: SG24-8084-00
(266 pages)

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Authors: Whei-Jen Chen, John Baldwin, Thomas Dunn, Mike Grasselt, Shabbar Hussain, Dan Mandelstein, Ivan Milman, Erik A O'Neill, Sushain Pandit, Ralph Tamlyn, Fenglian Xu


IBM® InfoSphere® Master Data Management Reference Data Management Hub (InfoSphere MDM Ref DM Hub) is designed as a ready-to-run application that provides the governance, process, security, and audit control for managing reference data as an enterprise standard, resulting in fewer errors, reduced business risk and cost savings.

This IBM Redbooks® publication describes where InfoSphere MDM Ref DM Hub fits into information management reference architecture. It explains the end-to-end process of an InfoSphere MDM Ref DM Hub implementation including the considerations of planning a reference data management project, requirements gathering and analysis, model design in detail, and integration considerations and scenarios. It then shows implementation examples and the ongoing administration tasks.

This publication can help IT professionals who are interested or have a need to manage reference data efficiently and implement an InfoSphere MDM Ref DM Hub solution with ease.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Reference data management
Chapter 2. Solution reference architecture
Chapter 3. Planning a RDM project
Chapter 4. Requirement analysis
Chapter 5. InfoSphere RDM model design
Chapter 6. Integration
Chapter 7. Implementation
Chapter 8. Operation and administration

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