Getting Started with the IBM Smart Analytics System 9600

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The IBM® Smart Analytics System 9600 is a single, end-to-end business analytics solution to accelerate data warehousing and business intelligence initiatives. It provides integrated hardware, software, and services that enable enterprise customers to quickly and cost-effectively deploy business-changing analytics across their organizations.

As a workload-optimized system for business analytics, it leverages the strengths of the System z® platform to drive:

  • Significant savings in hardware, software, operating, and people costs to deliver a complete range of data warehouse and BI capabilities
  • Faster time to value with a reduction in the time and speed associated with deploying Business Intelligence
  • Industry-leading scalability, reliability, availability, and security
  • Simplified and faster access to the data on System z

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview of the IBM Smart Analytics System 9600
Chapter 2. Getting started
Chapter 3. DB2 design for the Enterprise Data Warehouse
Chapter 4. Managing the IBM Smart Analytics System 9600 components
Chapter 5. InfoSphere Warehouse administrative tasks
Chapter 6. Cognos 8 Business Intelligence
Chapter 7. System z and the IBM Smart Analytics System 9600
Chapter 8. Managing users of the IBM Smart Analytics System 9600


Publish Date
12 April 2011

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