Deploying WebSphere Business Process Management V7 in Secured Production Environments

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This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes how to build a production topology for business process management (BPM) solutions. The target audience is IT architects and IT specialists who want to implement a production topology in secured production environments and who have a high-level understanding of WebSphere® BPM products.

This book emphasizes the steps for a successful installation without root access and without a graphic user interface (GUI).

This book addresses the following products and provides instructions for creating a production-level Remote Messaging and Remote Support environment using a deployment environment pattern:

  • WebSphere Process Server V7.0.0.2
  • WebSphere Business Monitor V7.0.0.2
  • WebSphere Business Services Fabric V7.0.0.2

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Business Process Management products overview
Chapter 2. Business Process Management production topologies
Chapter 3. Preparing the environment
Chapter 4. WebSphere Process Server: Remote Messaging and Remote Support
Chapter 5. WebSphere Business Monitor: cross cell configuration
Chapter 6. WebSphere Business Services Fabric: Remote Messaging and Remote Support
Chapter 7. Configure a HTTP Server for load balancing
Chapter 8. Installation verification using sample applications
Appendix A. Additional material


Publish Date
24 November 2010

Last Update
07 March 2011

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