IBM Tivoli Directory Server for z/OS

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Published 30 June 2011, updated 07 July 2011

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ISBN-10: 0738435724
ISBN-13: 9780738435725
IBM Form #: SG24-7849-00
(340 pages)

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Authors: Karan Singh, Corey C Bryant, Jonathan Cottrell, Gillian Gainsford, Saheem Granados, Robert Green, Diane Lia, Nilesh T Patel, John M Walsh


This IBM® Redbooks® publication examines the IBM Tivoli® Directory Server for z/OS®. IBM Tivoli Directory Server is a powerful Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) infrastructure that provides a foundation for deploying comprehensive identity management applications and advanced software architectures.

This publication provides an introduction to the IBM Tivoli Directory Server for z/OS that provides a brief summary of its features and a examination of the possible deployment topologies. It discusses planning a deployment of IBM Tivoli Directory Server for z/OS, which includes prerequisites, planning considerations, and data stores, and provides a brief overview of the configuration process. Additional chapters provide a detailed discussion of the IBM Tivoli Directory Server for z/OS architecture that examines the supported back ends, discusses in what scenarios they are best used, and provides usage examples for each back end. The discussion of schemas breaks down the schema and provides guidance on extending it. A broad discussion of authentication, authorization, and security examines the various access protections, bind mechanisms, and transport security available with IBM Tivoli Directory Server for z/OS. This chapter also provides an examination of the new Password Policy feature. Basic and advanced replication topologies are also covered. A discussion on plug-ins provides details on the various types of plug-ins, the plug-in architecture, and creating a plug-in, and provides an example plug-in. Integration of IBM Tivoli Directory Server for z/OS into the IBM Workload Manager environment is also covered.

This publication also provides detailed information about the configuration of IBM Tivoli Directory Server for z/OS. It discusses deploying IBM Tivoli Directory Server for z/OS on a single system, with examples of configuring the available back ends. Configuration examples are also provided for deploying the server in a Sysplex, and for both basic and advanced replication topologies. Finally it provides guidance on monitoring and debugging IBM Tivoli Directory Server for z/OS.

Table of contents

Part 1. Overview
Chapter 1. Tivoli Directory Server for z/OS
Chapter 2. Planning
Part 2. Concepts
Chapter 3. Backends
Chapter 4. Schemas
Chapter 5. Authentication, authorization, and security
Chapter 6. Reliability, availability and scalability
Chapter 7. Plug-ins
Chapter 8. Workload Management
Part 3. Installation and configuration examples
Chapter 9. Implementing IBM TDS on a single system
Chapter 10. Using IBM TDS in a Parallel Sysplex
Chapter 11. Replication
Chapter 12. Using LDAP and HCD
Chapter 13. Monitoring
Chapter 14. Debugging
Appendix A. Sample plugin code
Appendix B. Sample C code

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