z/OS Version 1 Release 11 Implementation

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 11 March 2010, updated 07 April 2010

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ISBN-10: 073843387X
ISBN-13: 9780738433875
IBM Form #: SG24-7729-00
(736 pages)

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Authors: Paul Rogers, Robert Hering, Lutz Kuhner, George Kozakos, Jean-Louis Lafitte, Jacqueline Mourao, Edison da Silva Nunes, Gil Peleg, Evanir Philipi, Giancarlo Rodolfi


This IBM® Redbooks® publication positions the new z/OS® Version 1 Release 11 for migration by discussing many of the new functions that are available. The goal for the z/OS platform is to eliminate, automate, and simplify tasks without sacrificing z/OS strengths, and to deliver a z/OS management facility that is easy to learn and use.
z/OS is a highly secure, scalable, high-performance enterprise operating system on which to build and deploy Internet- and Java™-enabled applications, providing a comprehensive and diverse application execution environment.
This books describes the following new and changed functions:
- IBM z/OS Management Facility
- Allocation enhancements in z/OS V1R11
- BCPii function enhancements in z/OS V1R11
- JES2 and JES3 enhancements
- zFS file sharing enhancements
- Extended access volume enhancements
- Choosing whether to run zAAP work on zIIP processors
- System REXX enhancements in V1R11
- RRS global panel options
- Service aids enhancements in V1R11
- GRS ENQ contention notification enhancements and analysis for GRS latches
- Basic HyperSwap® support enhancement
- Message Flood Automation enhancements
- Program Management new Binder IEWPARMS
- Predictive failure analysis (PFA)
- SMF enhancements in V1R11
- System Logger enhancements
- XCF/XES enhancements in V1R11
- AutoIPL support
- Displaying PDSE caching statistics
- ISPF enhancements
- IBM Health Checker for z/OS enhancements

Table of contents

Chapter 1. z/OS V1R11 overview
Chapter 2. z/OS V1R11 installation overview
Chapter 3. BCP contents supervisor enhancements
Chapter 4. Extended address volumes
Chapter 5. Predictive Failure Analysis
Chapter 6. HCD and HCM enhancements
Chapter 7. DFSMShsm enhancements
Chapter 8. Hardware Instrumentation Services
Chapter 9. Service aids enhancements
Chapter 10. Migration health checks
Chapter 11. z/OS BCP enhancements
Chapter 12. SDSF enhancements
Chapter 13. BCP supervisor updates
Chapter 14. JES2 and JES3 enhancements
Chapter 15. GRS enhancements
Chapter 16. z/OS UNIX System Services
Chapter 17. ISPF enhancements
Chapter 18. RRS enhancements
Chapter 19. SMF dump program
Chapter 20. High performance FICON for z
Chapter 21. TSO/E LOGONHERE support
Chapter 22. Language Environment
Chapter 23. IBM z/OS Management Facility
Chapter 24. System REXX enhancements
Chapter 25. Sysplex enhancements
Chapter 26. IBM Health Checker for z/OS
Chapter 27. Server Time Protocol alerts
Chapter 28. XL C/C++/Metal C
Chapter 29. HiperDispatch
Chapter 30. Common Information Model
Chapter 31. XCF enhancements
Chapter 32. Message Flood Automation
Chapter 33. z/OS UNIX-related applications
Appendix A. EAV VSAM CA size
Appendix B. HMC API example

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