DFSMS V1.10 and EAV Technical Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 02 September 2009, updated 25 September 2009

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ISBN-10: 0738433195
ISBN-13: 9780738433196
IBM Form #: SG24-7617-00
(694 pages)

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Authors: Mary Lovelace, Edson Buturi, Anthony Fletcher, Gert Laumann, Eduard Pavlik, Norbert Schlumberger


Each release of DFSMS builds upon the previous version to provide enhanced storage management, data access, device support, program management, and distributed data access for the z/OS® platform in a system-managed storage environment.

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides a summary of the functions and enhancements in z/OS V1R9 DFSMS. It then provides an in-depth technical description of the functions and enhancements in z/OS V1R10 DFSMS. It provides you with the information that you need to understand and evaluate the content of this DFSMS release, along with practical implementation hints and tips. Also included are enhancements that were made available through an enabling PTF that has been integrated into z/OS DFSMS V1R10.

z/OS V1R10 provides Extended Address Volumes (EAV), a capability that enables support for over 54 GB of addressable storage, removing a limitation in place today. Initially EAV is planned to support up to 262,668 cylinders (up to 223 GB of addressable storage) per volume, allowing you to simplify storage management by providing the ability to manage fewer, larger volumes as opposed to many small volumes.

This book provides detailed information about planning, implementing and migrating to EAVs.

This book was written for storage professionals and system programmers who have experience with the components of DFSMS. It provides sufficient information so that you can start prioritizing the implementation of new functions and evaluating their applicability in your DFSMS environment.

Table of contents

Part 1. z/OS V1.9 DFSMS function summary
Chapter 1. DFSMSdfp V1.9 enhancements
Chapter 2. DFSMSdss Fast Replication use of new SFI support
Chapter 3. DFSMShsm V1.9 enhancements
Chapter 4. ISPF enhancements in z/OS V1.9
Chapter 5. PDS and PDSE enhancements in z/OS V1.9
Chapter 6. DFSMSdfp OAM V1.9 enhancements
Chapter 7. RLS dump space enhancements in z/OS V1.9
Chapter 8. DFSMSrmm V1.9 enhancements
Chapter 9. NFS enhancements in DFSMS V1.9
Part 2. z/OS V1.10 DFSMS enhancements
Chapter 10. DFSMSdfp V1.10 enhancements
Chapter 11. PDSE enhancements in z/OS V1.0
Chapter 12. DFSMShsm V1.10 enhancements
Chapter 13. DFSMSdss V1.10 enhancements
Chapter 14. Virtual Concurrent Copy in DFSMS V1.10
Chapter 15. RLS Secondary Lock Structure support
Chapter 16. DFSMSdfp OAM V1.10 enhancements
Chapter 17. DFSMSrmm V1.10 enhancements
Part 3. Extended Address Volumes
Chapter 18. Extended Address Volume introduction
Chapter 19. Planning to use EAV
Chapter 20. DS8000 EAV implementation
Chapter 21. DFSMShsm and EAV
Appendix A. APARs to be reviewed
Appendix B. Code samples DFSMS 1.9
Appendix C. Code samples DFSMS V1.10

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