Introducing the IBM Grid Access Manager

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This IBM® Redbooks® publication gives an introduction to archiving and IBM System Storage™ Multilevel Grid Access Manager (GAM) software. It also covers Multilevel Grid Access Manager product and service offerings. IBM System Storage Multilevel (GAM) software is designed to enable new solutions for geographically dispersed customer sites with reference data storage requirements, through an enterprise-wide, fault-tolerant storage grid that includes disaster recovery capabilities. This storage grid can extend access to remotely created reference data on heterogeneous distributed storage devices and computing resources, and can help support data integrity by digital signature validation of managed data. GAM software can scale to meet a wide range of performance, cost, management, and security requirements. This book introduces the need for a robust archiving solution, presents GAM, and focuses on General Medical Archive Solution (GMAS) offerings, ordering, and services.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. IBM System Storage Grid Access Manager Overview and positioning
Chapter 2. Grid Medical Archive Solution
Chapter 3. The ROI and TCO of GAM and GMAS
Chapter 4. Global Technology Services (GTS)


Publish Date
02 May 2008

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