IBM System z10 Capacity on Demand

An IBM Redbooks publication


The IBM® System z10™ servers provide a base for major server consolidation by further removing memory, processor, and channel constraints. Capacity on Demand offerings provide the flexibility to absorb temporary or permanent growth, maintenance, and disaster recovery situations in an enterprise.

The Capacity on Demand solutions offer permanent or temporary increases in processor capacity and memory. This IBM Redbooks® publication discusses the following topics:

* Understanding the common design of the various offerings
* Hardware and software areas relevant to technical planning
* Managing concurrent use of multiple Capacity on Demand offerings
* User-controlled and autonomic management of z/OS® images using z/OS Capacity Provisioning

This book is intended for systems engineers, infrastructure architects, and anyone wanting to understand Capacity on Demand functions. Readers are expected to be generally familiar with existing System z® technology and terminology.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview
Chapter 2. Understanding the Capacity on Demand environment
Chapter 3. Capacity Backup
Chapter 4. Capacity for Planned Events
Chapter 5. On/Off Capacity on Demand
Chapter 6. On/Off Capacity on Demand with prepaid upgrades
Chapter 7. z/OS Capacity Provisioning
Chapter 8. Multiple concurrent activations


Publish Date
26 January 2009

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