TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.3 Update Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 23 April 2008

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ISBN-10: 0738485187
ISBN-13: 9780738485188
IBM Form #: SG24-7490-00
(372 pages)

Authors: Mary Lovelace, Mathias Defiebre, Harsha Gunatilaka, Curtis Neal, Yuan Xu


IBM® TotalStorage® Productivity Center provides an integrated storage infrastructure management solution that is designed to allow you to manage every point of your storage infrastructure, between the hosts through the network and fabric, through to the physical disks. It can help simplify and automate the management of devices, data, and storage networks.

IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.3 continues to build on the function provided in prior releases. This book takes you through what is new in TotalStorage Productivity Center and explains how to implement and use the new function.

Enhancements include:

- Enterprise roll-up reports from multiple TPC instances throughout global corporate environments

- New analytic capabilities for improved system availability with rapid discovery of performance problems

- Comprehensive configuration guidance with intelligent contrast comparisons to help reduce SAN outages caused by configuration changes

- New storage planning wizards, which offer intelligent configuration guidance via preset best-practices policies

- Dynamic security and violation alerting

- Quick access to vital information through new “favorite grouping” features, which allow the storage administrator to save a group of resources that are deemed mission-critical, and then quickly recall and monitor that group.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. What is new in TPC V 3.3
Chapter 2. Installation of TPC V 3.3 on Windows
Chapter 3. Installation of TPC V 3.3 on Linux
Chapter 4. TPC V 3.3 upgrade methodology
Chapter 5. N Series and NetApp support
Chapter 6. Brocade Mi10k SMI-S support
Chapter 7. TPC for Replication support
Chapter 8. IBM TS3310 Tape Library support
Chapter 9. Topology Viewer
Chapter 10. SAN Planner
Chapter 11. Enterprise server roll-up function
Chapter 12. VMware ESX Server support
Appendix A. Configuring X11 forwarding
Appendix B. Worksheets
Appendix C. Performance Metrics in TPC Performance Reports

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