IBM System Storage N series Multiprotocol Use Guide

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Many customer sites need to access data from both Windows and UNIX clients. For these environments, Data ONTAP has native multiprotocol support. After the user is authenticated on the network, if the user has both appropriate share or export permissions and the necessary file permissions, the user can access all data from UNIX hosts using NFS or from Windows hosts using CIFS.

IBM System Storage N series allows users to access data from both types of clients by supporting multiple security models.

This IBM Redbooks publication discusses those models in detail. It can help storage administrators in determining what type of data access configuration is appropriate for their environment.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Multiprotocol on the IBM System Storage N series
Chapter 2. Display and effective permissions in a multiprotocol environment
Chapter 3. Changing security styles
Chapter 4. NFS access of data
Chapter 5. CIFS access of UNIX security style data
Chapter 6. CIFS access of NTFS security style data
Appendix A. CIFS access in workgroup mode
Appendix B. Qtree security


Publish Date
04 September 2007

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