IBM PowerVM Live Partition Mobility (Obsolete - See Abstract for Information)

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Live Partition Mobility is the next step in the IBMs Power Systems™ virtualization continuum. It can be combined with other virtualization technologies, such as logical partitions, Live Workload Partitions, and the SAN Volume Controller, to provide a fully virtualized computing platform that offers the degree of system and infrastructure flexibility required by today's production data centers.

Please note: The contents of this publication has been updated and migrated to the following publications. The material in this PDF should no longer be considered accurate.

An introduction to PowerVM that includes basic installation and set up:
IBM PowerVM Virtualization Introduction and Configuration

A deep dive into how to manage PowerVM virtualization 24x7:
IBM PowerVM Virtualization Managing and Monitoring

The enhancements that were added in 2013, including a chapter on mobility:
IBM PowerVM Enhancements What is new in 2013

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview
Chapter 2. Live Partition Mobility mechanisms
Chapter 3. Requirements and preparation
Chapter 4. Basic partition migration scenario
Chapter 5. Advanced topics
Chapter 6. Migration status
Chapter 7. Integrated Virtualization Manager for Live Partition Mobility
Appendix A. Error codes and logs


Publish Date
12 March 2009

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26 February 2013

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