IBM Infoprint Server for z/OS Implementation Planning

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This IBM Redbooks publication provides installation and customization information and samples to help you implement IBM Infoprint Server for z/OS. Infoprint Server is an optional feature of z/OS that uses z/OS UNIX System Services. This feature is the basis for a total print serving solution for the z/OS environment. It lets you consolidate your print workload from many servers onto a central z/OS print server. Infoprint Server delivers improved efficiency and lower overall printing cost with the flexibility for high-volume, high-speed printing from anywhere in the network. With Infoprint Server, you can reduce the overall cost of printing while improving manageability, data retrievability, and usability.
The following topics are described:
- Migrating from basic mode to extended mode
- Configuring an HTTP server for Infoprint Central
- Coordinating settings in JES, OMVS, TCP/IP, and the Printer Inventory using a cross-reference tool, with documentation
- Viewing messages in aoplogu using sample AOPBATCH JCL
- Monitoring and cleaning up CEEDUMP file using a sample tool
- Customizing the ICONV tables for custom code-page creation

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Infoprint Server
Chapter 2. Using the Security Authorization Facility for Infoprint Server security
Chapter 3. Printer definitions
Chapter 4. Migrating from basic mode to extended mode
Chapter 5. Infoprint Central
Chapter 6. Messages and diagnosis
Chapter 7. Code page translation
Appendix A. Sample IP Printway user exit
Appendix B. Sample HTTP Server configuration file
Appendix C. InfoPrint Server and IBM Health Checker for z/OS
Appendix D. View the common message log tool


Publish Date
26 July 2008

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