Encryption Facility for z/OS V1.2 OpenPGP Support

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This book is about the OpenPGP support available in the Encryption Facility for z/OS V1.2 (Program Product 5655-P97). It begins with a discussion of the principles of operation of the OpenPGP protocol and a review of some basic cryptographic topics. It presents detailed steps for installing and configuring Encryption Facility for z/OS and implementing OpenPGP support.
Practical examples from our lab and from the authors’ real world experiences demonstrate how to set up and use the capabilities of OpenPGP support. The options available within the product are discussed, and recommendations for appropriate selections within the context of your intended use are offered.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. An introduction to OpenPGP
Chapter 3. Java and Java cryptography
Chapter 4. Installation
Chapter 5. Using the Encryption Facility for OpenPGP
Chapter 6. Session key protection: Passphrase-based encryption
Chapter 7. Session key protection: Public key cryptography
Chapter 8. Certificate Authority: X.509 and OpenPGP coexistence
Chapter 9. Sample code for an OpenPGP Certificate Server
Chapter 10. Performance
Appendix A. Some encryption basics
Appendix B. Configuration file options
Appendix C. OpenPGP key exchange and migration
Appendix D. Additional material


Publish Date
24 September 2007

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