IBM System z Strengths and Values

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication describes the strengths and values of the IBM System z platform with special focus on IBM z/OS. Other System z operating systems are described briefly in relation to the values that customers can obtain from them while running on the System z hardware.

This book addresses the technical aspects of the System z environment and focuses on the business value of the System z solution, the overall role that it plays in the business enterprise, and how it offers an effective total cost of computing.

The target is the IT architect who is not familiar with the System z platform. System z architects will also be interested in this book for understanding the important role that the System z environment plays in the business solution, especially with the deployment of new workloads and to address security, availability, and scalability.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. A business view
Chapter 2. System z architecture and HW platform
Chapter 3. System z software
Chapter 4. Security
Chapter 5. Resiliency
Chapter 6. System Management
Chapter 7. Consolidation
Chapter 8. Enterprise hub for SOA: integrating and extending assets
Chapter 9. Enterprise hub for data
Chapter 10. Conclusion


Publish Date
12 May 2008

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