Mixed Workloads in WebSphere XD V6.0 on z/OS

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Published 29 December 2006

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ISBN-10: 0738494747
ISBN-13: 9780738494746
IBM Form #: SG24-7267-00
(216 pages)

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Authors: G Michael Connolly, David SK Chan, Rajesh Ramachandran, Jeff Sampson, Bart Tague


This IBM Redbooks publication extends the material provided in the Using WebSphere Extended Deployment V6.0 To Build an On Demand Production Environment, SG24-7153 , by providing a z/OS-centric description of the On Demand Router (ODR) and the long-running application support provided with WebSphere Extended Deployment (XD) 6.0.

This book demonstrates the additional value the ODR provides as it is integrated with the existing z/OS Workload Manager. It also describes the long-running application support now available on z/OS with XD 6.0 along with its relationship to the traditional z/OS batch facilities.

This book describes an XD 6.0 installation into our existing ITSO High Availability WebSphere Network Deployment environment as well as step-by-step instructions that take you through the configuration of the ODRs and dynamic clusters. It presents the setting up of a long-running application environment in detail. It uses a sample scenario to demonstrate the integration of an ODR Service Policy with a corresponding WLM Service Policy and the resulting finer grained WLM workload classification that the ODR now makes possible. Additional scenarios take you through the deployment and execution of a long-running workload.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Concepts
Chapter 3. Our environment
Chapter 4. Establishing the OLTP Environment
Chapter 5. Online transaction processing (OLTP) scenario
Chapter 6. Establishing the long- running environment
Chapter 7. Long-running batch workloads
Chapter 8. Running mixed workloads
Appendix A. Troubleshooting and performance tips
Appendix B. Additional material

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