CICS Transaction Server V3R1 Channels and Containers Revealed

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This IBM Redbooks publication discusses the new channels and containers support in CICS Transaction Server 3.1. It provides an overview about techniques used to pass data between applications running in CICS and their constraints. It provides information, which allows CICS to fully comply with emerging technology requirements in terms of sizing and flexibility.

This book discusses about application design and implementing channels and containers from an application programmers point of view. It provides examples to show how to evolve channels and containers from COMMAREAs. It explains the channels and containers API and its uses in a traditional CICS application and also a JCICS application.

The BTS API is discussed as a similar yet recoverable alternative to channels and containers. Some APARs are introduced, which enable more flexible Web services features through the use of channels and containers.

This book presents information from a systems management point of view, discussing the systems management, configuration tasks, and techniques that you must consider when implementing a channels and containers solution. It shows how to migrate an existing CICS application to exploit channels and containers instead of using COMMAREAs.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to channels and containers
Chapter 2. Application design and implementation
Chapter 3. Programming
Chapter 4. Systems management and configuration
Chapter 5. Sample application
Chapter 6. Frequently asked questions
Appendix A. CICS Java Enterprise JavaBeans example
Appendix B. Additional material


Publish Date
15 September 2006

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