Improving Business Performance Insight . . . with Business Intelligence and Business Process Management

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Published 28 August 2006

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ISBN-10: 0738494755
ISBN-13: 9780738494753
IBM Form #: SG24-7210-00
(454 pages)

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Authors: Chuck Ballard, Ahmed Abdel-Hamid, Robert Frankus, Fabio Hasegawa, Julio Larrechart, Pietro Leo, Jo Ramos


In this IBM Redbooks publication, we describe and demonstrate how to implement enterprise performance insight. This is an initiative that has a primary focus on the integration of Business Process Management and Business Intelligence. With this capability, management has an enterprise-wide view of their business that can enable proactive business management.

We discuss the techniques, architectures, and processes used to define and implement such an environment. Among the specific techniques and technologies used are key performance indicators, process alerts, management dashboards, analytic applications, application integration, process modeling and monitoring, and real-time business intelligence. The products featured are DB2 UDB, DB2 Alphablox, WebSphere Information Integrator, WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Business Monitor, and WebSphere Business Modeler.

Performance insight is an element of a more global initiative called business innovation and optimization (BIO). With this, we can enable business performance management, an initiative for the effective use of people, processes, assets, and technology to proactively achieve business goals and measurements. It enables strategic alignment of business and technology, resulting in real-time access to data and continuous process and data flow, for proactive business management, and business goal attainment.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Business innovation and performance optimization
Chapter 3. Performance Insight
Chapter 4. Business Process Management
Chapter 5. Business Intelligence
Chapter 6. Case study software components
Chapter 7. Performance Insight case study overview
Chapter 8. Performance Insight case study implementation
Appendix A. Portlet implementation code examples

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