IBM WebSphere Everyplace Deployment V6 Handbook for Developers and Administrators Volume II: Smart Client Application Development

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This IBM Redbooks publication covers application development solutions end-to-end and provides implementation guidelines necessary for architects and application developers. IBM WebSphere Everyplace Development is an integrated platform for end-to-end application solutions including server-side services and rich client devices such as desktop and mobile computers.

The integrated package combines tools such as Rational Application Developer and the WebSphere Everyplace Deployment Client Toolkit, as well as run-time software to enable Web applications using the classic MVC design pattern, as well as Struts and JavaServer Faces (JSF), and rich client platform applications using Eclipse GUI components such as SWT and JFace.

In addition, middleware to support database access, database synchronization, embedded transactions, Web Services, messaging, and device management for building, testing, and deploying end-to-end applications is provided by WebSphere Everyplace Development.

This book provides an implementation of Smart Client applications and their interaction with corresponding servers. It also includes information about the use of tools for development and deployment of end-to-end application solutions, including integration considerations and application scenarios between enterprise client platforms, middleware, and corresponding server-based applications.

A basic knowledge of Java programming, Java technologies, and Java open standards such as OSGi is assumed.

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction
Chapter 1. Using OSGi bundles and services
Part 2. Web applications
Chapter 2. Developing Web applications using the MVC design pattern
Chapter 3. Developing Web applications using the Struts framework
Chapter 4. Developing Web applications using JavaServer Faces (JSF) technologies
Part 3. RCP applications
Chapter 5. Smart client application overview
Chapter 6. Workbench user interface framework
Chapter 7. Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) user interface
Chapter 8. SWT applications for rich clients: A sample scenario
Chapter 9. JFace user interface framework
Chapter 10. JFace applications for rich clients: A sample scenario
Part 4. Application services
Chapter 11. Accessing Web Services
Chapter 12. Creating a Web Service Producer
Chapter 13. Web Service message-level security
Chapter 14. Embedded transactions
Chapter 15. Messaging
Chapter 16. Internationalization
Appendix A. Additional material


Publish Date
10 July 2006

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