Communications Server for z/OS V1R7 TCP/IP Implementation, Volume 2 - Standard Applications

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Published 14 April 2006, updated 24 May 2006

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ISBN-10: 0738496162
ISBN-13: 9780738496160
IBM Form #: SG24-7170-00
(402 pages)

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Authors: Bill White, Marc Price, Larry Templeton, Bob Louden


This new and improved Communications Server (CS) for z/OS TCP/IP Implementation series provides easy-to-understand step-by-step how-to guidance on enabling the most commonly used and important functions of CS for z/OS TCP/IP.

In this IBM Redbooks publication we provide useful implementation scenarios and configuration recommendations for many of the TCP/IP standard applications supported by the z/OS Communications Server.

For more specific information about CS for z/OS base functions, high availability, and security, please reference the other volumes in the series. These are:

--Communications Server for z/OS V1R7 TCP/IP Implementation, Volume 1 - Base Functions, Connectivity, and Routing, SG24-7169
--Communications Server for z/OS V1R7 TCP/IP Implementation, Volume 3 - High Availability, Scalability, and Performance, SG24-7171
--Communications Server for z/OS V1R7 TCP/IP Implementation, Volume 4 - Security and Policy, SG24-7172

Table of contents

Chapter 1. TN3270
Chapter 2. SYSLOGD
Chapter 3. File Transfer Protocol
Chapter 4. Simple Network Management Protocol
Chapter 5. IP printing
Chapter 6. INETD
Chapter 7. Mail servers
Chapter 8. z/OS UNIX Telnet server
Chapter 9. Remote execution
Chapter 10. Domain Name Services
Appendix A. Environment variables
Appendix B. Sample files provided with TCP/IP
Appendix C. Configuration files: TN3270 standalone started task scenario
Appendix D. Configuration files: TN3270 server with connection security scenario
Appendix E. Configuration files: Multiple TN3270 servers and sysplex distribution scenario

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