e-Commerce Hosting Solutions Guide, Using WebSphere Commerce V5.5 Business Edition

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This IBM Redbooks publication provides IT architects, IT specialists, and administrators with the critical knowledge to design, develop, implement, deploy, and manage a WebSphere Commerce V5.5 hosting site with multiple stores. This book includes:

- An introduction to the WebSphere Commerce hosting model and the hosting composite pattern
- An ITSO hosting example, including a business requirements analysis and solution design.
- How to implement a team development environment, customize a store profile, and build, deploy, and manage multiple stores.
- How to manage a hosting hub, hub organization, and hosted stores.
- How to manage a hosted B2B store and organizations.
- How to manage a hosted B2C store and organizations.

The appendixes include procedures and tips for WebSphere Commerce implementation, WebSphere Commerce Studio implementation, common procedures, and error handling scenarios.

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction to hosting
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Hosting model in WebSphere Commerce V5.5
Part 2. ITSO hosting example
Chapter 3. Applying Patterns
Chapter 4. Requirements analysis
Chapter 5. Solution design
Chapter 6. Detailed design
Chapter 7. Development guidelines
Part 3. Manage the ITSO hosting example
Chapter 8. Publish the SAR and create stores
Chapter 9. ITSO sample code
Chapter 10. Manage the site
Chapter 11. Manage the hub
Chapter 12. Manage a B2C store
Chapter 13. Manage a B2B store
Appendix A. WebSphere Commerce implementation
Appendix B. Common procedures
Appendix C. WebSphere Commerce Studio implementation
Appendix D. Error handling scenarios
Appendix E. Process flows
Appendix F. Additional material


Publish Date
19 May 2004

Last Update
28 June 2004

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