Building Multi-Tier Scenarios for WebSphere Enterprise Applications

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This IBM Redbooks publication will help you build multi-tier scenarios for WebSphere Enterprise Applications. It applies to WebSphere Application Server V4.01 for z/OS and OS/390.
We cover the aspects of architectural, organizational, and technical issues that you need to consider when selecting an application and runtime design. This book can be used in conjunction with Patterns for e-business when you are faced with making decisions about application patterns and are looking for supporting information.
Because our analysis is done from the perspective of the z/OS platform, we discuss strategies for offloading Web applications from z/OS or from WebSphere for z/OS. We provide ano overview of different scenarios and give guidance on platforms, security, deployment, performance, scaling, and EIS integration.
Using this book will enable you to architect an infrastructure for seamless three-tier integration by helping you to develop, deploy, and tool the application for interoperability, as well as install and configure the different infrastructures.

Table of contents

Part 1. Integrated and multi-tier solution concepts
Chapter 1. Integrated and multi-tier WebSphere application deployment
Chapter 2. Integrated and hybrid WebSphere application deployment scenarios
Chapter 3. Component interaction characteristics
Chapter 4. Static Web component optimization
Part 2. Implementation guidelines
Chapter 5. Implementing static Web content acceleration scenarios
Chapter 6. Implementing IIOP-based cross-platform scenarios
Appendix A. Integrated and multi-platform scenario sandbox


Publish Date
04 September 2003

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