Migrating from Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to Lotus Notes and Domino 6

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 01 August 2003

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ISBN-10: 0738499536
ISBN-13: 9780738499536
IBM Form #: SG24-6955-00
(492 pages)

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Authors: Tommi Tulisalo, Ted Dziekanowski, Sean Long, Kurt Nielsen, Graeme Povall


This IBM IBM Redbooks publication describes why and how to migrate from Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 6.

It begins with a discussion of the reasons an organization using Exchange 5.5 would want to move to Domino 6, and describes the benefits that can be gained. It lays out the different options that the organization has for a future messaging infrastructure and discusses the pros and cons of each alternative. It is particularly suited to business and IT managers.

The next part is about planning and managing a migration project. It covers how to assess the current messaging environment, design the migration project and future infrastructure, and successfully implement the migration plan. This part is primarily of interest to project managers and IT architects.

The rest of the book deals with the technical aspects of moving to a Lotus Notes and Domino 6 messaging environment. Topics covered are:
- Coexistence and migration scenarios
- Strategies for coexistence during the project
- Installation and setup of coexistence and migration tools
- How to migrate users and messaging and calendaring information
- Public Folder migration and coexistence
- Results achieved in the lab using various tools and techniques
- Wrapping up a migration project
This material is useful for anyone who has to evaluate the tools, install them, and conduct a messaging migration project.

Table of contents

Part 1. Why migrate from Exchange 5.5
Chapter 1. Why migrate from Exchange 5.5 to Domino 6
Chapter 2. Messaging options for organizations using Exchange 5.5
Part 2. Planning for the migration
Chapter 3. Migration project overview
Part 3. Coexistence
Chapter 4. Using the Microsoft Exchange Connector for coexistence
Chapter 5. Using the TFS Gateway for coexistence
Chapter 6. Using SMTP routing for coexistence
Chapter 7. Using Microsoft Exchange Calendar Connector
Chapter 8. Coexistence results Ð SMTP routing
Part 4. Migration
Chapter 9. Migrating users using Domino Upgrade Services
Chapter 10. Binary Tree Common Migration Tool for Lotus Notes
Chapter 11. Migration results
Part 5. Public Folders
Chapter 12. Public folders for Domino administrators
Chapter 13. Public Folder migration & coexistence using ecKnowledge
Chapter 14. Public Folder migration using CMT migration tool
Chapter 15. Manually migrating Public Folder data
Part 6. Migration project wrap up
Chapter 16. Removing the Microsoft Exchange environment
Appendix A. Exchange Connector installation checklist
Appendix B. Creating an Outlook profile
Appendix C. Comparing the features of different clients for Domino
Appendix D. Additional material

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