IBM WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook Volume 3

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The IBM WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook is available in three volumes of Redbooks. This is Volume 3.

These IBM Redbooks position the IBM WebSphere Portal for Multiplatforms as a solution that provides a single point of interaction with dynamic information, applications, processses and people to help build successful business-to-employee (B2E), business-to-business (B2B), and business-to-consumer (B2C) portals.

WebSphere Portal consists of three packaged offerings:

  • Portal Enable
  • Portal Extend
  • Portal Experience

In the three volumes of the IBM WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook, we cover WebSphere Portal Enable and Extend.

The IBM WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook will help you to understand the WebSphere Portal architecture, teaches you how to install and configure WebSphere Portal, discusses how to administer portal pages using WebSphere Portal and the development of WebSphere Portal portlets, and covers how to use specific WebSphere Portal applications.

In this IBM Redbooks publication, we discuss the WebSphere Portal applications and their uses.

Table of contents

Volume 3 of 3
Chapter 1 - Web content management
Chapter 2 - Collaboration
Chapter 3 - Search capabilities
Chapter 4 - Portal security
Chapter 5 - Site analysis


Publish Date
03 February 2003

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