Linux and Branch Banking

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Published 04 December 2002, updated 07 January 2003

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ISBN-10: 0738428337
ISBN-13: 9780738428338
IBM Form #: SG24-6909-00
(170 pages)

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Authors: Bart Jacob, Fabio Marras, Oliver Mark, David Janson


The banking industry is undergoing a major transformation to e-business, supporting a multichannel model for its delivery of services. As part of this transformation, there is a major focus on the branch IT infrastructure.
In this very competitive environment, banks are looking for solutions that are cost effective, provide a high quality of service, and allow them to speed new products and services to market. In addition, they need to have a flexible and open environment in order to absorb the inevitable changes that occur over time.
At the same time, Linux is gaining popularity and credibility as a robust and stable operating environment for many business-critical functions.
This IBM Redbooks publication surveys the current trends in branch banking, describes in detail an IBM Patterns for e-business approach to designing the branch infrastructure of the future, and provides the reader with an understanding of how and where Linux can play a key role in branch banking infrastructures.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. An introduction to Linux
Chapter 2. Branch banking environment
Chapter 3. Branch banking requirements
Chapter 4. IBM Patterns for e-business overview
Chapter 5. Applying IBM Patterns for e-business to branch banking
Chapter 6. Linux-based products applicable to branch banking
Chapter 7. Scenario for a new branch banking solution

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