Lotus Domino 6 for z/OS: Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication helps z/OS system programmers and Domino administrators to monitor and tune Domino 6 for z/OS. It identifies factors that affect performance and provides recommendations to tune the configuration and parameter settings for optimal performance. Tips are provided for the operating system, the disk I/O subsystem, the network, and the Domino product. In addition, it includes guidelines for capacity planning. A background in z/OS and experience with Domino is assumed.

This version, updated for Domino 6, includes tips on the zFS file system and new monitoring tools and techniques.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. What's new in Domino 6
Chapter 2. z/OS tuning
Chapter 3. DASD and file system tuning
Chapter 4. Network tuning
Chapter 5. Domino tuning
Chapter 6. Domino configuration advanced options
Chapter 7. Domino monitoring
Chapter 8. Capacity planning and performance management
Appendix A. Workload Manager (WLM) example
Appendix B. Using the domps command
Appendix C. Sample notes.ini file
Appendix D. Sample output of the show statistics command
Appendix E. Domino modify zFS command


Publish Date
19 March 2003

Last Update
29 November 2004

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