IBM WebSphere Portal V4 Developer's Handbook

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication helps you plan and develop portlet applications using the IBM WebSphere Portal Enable and Extend offerings. The information provided in this book targets Business-to-Employee (B2E) enterprise applications, but most of the scenarios presented apply to Business-to-Consumer (B2C) applications as well. In this book, you will find step-by-step examples and scenarios showing ways to integrate your enterprise applications into an IBM WebSphere Portal environment using the WebSphere Portal APIs provided by the Portal Toolkit to develop portlets; we also discuss extending your portlet capabilities to use other advanced functions such as themes and skins, personalization, search capabilities, content management, national language support, transcoding, Web clipping, etc.

Elements of the portlet API are described and sample code is provided. The scenarios included in this book can be used to learn about portlet programming and as a basis to develop your own portlet applications. You will also find numerous scenarios describing recommended ways to develop portlets and portlet applications using the APIs provided by the IBM WebSphere Portal Toolkit.

A basic knowledge of Java technologies such as servlets, JavaBeans, EJBs, JavaServer Pages (JSPs), as well as XML applications and the terminology used in Web publishing, is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview
Chapter 2. Portlets
Chapter 3. Using the Portal Toolkit
Chapter 4. Portlet testing and debugging
Chapter 5. National Language Support
Chapter 6. Portal customization
Chapter 7. Web Clipping
Chapter 8. Search capabilities
Chapter 9. Remote portlets
Chapter 10. Personalization
Chapter 11. Content management
Chapter 12. Host Integration portlets
Chapter 13. Transcoding


Publish Date
27 March 2003

Last Update
23 April 2003

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