WebSphere Version 5.1 Application Developer 5.1.1 Web Services Handbook

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication describes the new concept of Web services from various perspectives. It presents the major building blocks Web services rely on. Here, well-defined standards and new concepts are presented and discussed.

Whereas these concepts are described vendor-independent, this book also presents IBM’s view and illustrates with suitable demonstration applications how Web services can be implemented using IBM’s product portfolio, especially WebSphere Application Server Version 5.1 and WebSphere Studio Application Developer Version 5.1.1.

This book is a major update to the book Web Services Wizardry with WebSphere Studio Application Developer, SG24-6292, and to WebSphere Version 5 Web Services Handbook, SG24-6891-00.

This book is structured in two parts:

- Part 1 presents the underlying concepts for the use of Web services: It presents the basic programming model, well-known concepts in an updated way, and new concepts that go beyond the scope of the earlier books.

- Part 2 shows how Web services can be implemented using the latest IBM tools. Here we introduce a sample application that is demonstrated in various different ways.

Table of contents

Part 1. Web services concepts
Chapter 1. Web services introduction
Chapter 2. Introduction to SOAP
Chapter 3. Introduction to WSDL
Chapter 4. JAX-RPC (JSR 101)
Chapter 5. Implementing Enterprise Web Services (JSR 109)
Chapter 6. Introduction to UDDI
Chapter 7. Web services invocation framework
Chapter 8. Web services inspection language
Chapter 9. Workflows and business processes
Chapter 10. Web Services Gateway
Chapter 11. Web services security
Part 2. Web services implementation and samples
Chapter 12. IBM WebSphere product family
Chapter 13. Web services development overview
Chapter 14. Weather forecast application
Chapter 15. WebSphere Studio Application Developer
Chapter 16. Web services security with Application Developer
Chapter 17. Application Developer Integration Edition
Chapter 18. WebSphere SDK for Web Services
Chapter 19. Web services scenario: Architecture and implementation
Chapter 20. Web services runtime and deployment in WebSphere
Part 3. Appendixes
Appendix A. Installation and setup
Appendix B. Additional material


Publish Date
09 February 2004

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