Introducing IBM Tivoli License Manager

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IBM Tivoli License Manager is a new IBM product that fills a growing need to reconcile software licenses that are already in use in an organization, with the licenses owned by the organization. It offers a technical way to control and apply the software vendors’ pre-defined licensing policies. It allows the Administrator to easily manage different products in different ways, reflecting the rules of each products license agreement.

The primary objective of this IBM Redbooks publication is to introduce the new IBM offering for designing and creating a license management solution, and it is targeted at the technical professional responsible for providing license management services in an IT organization. It can be used as a reference book for the deployment of IBM Tivoli License Manager Version 1.1, guiding you during the planning, installation, configuration, administration, tuning, and general product usage phases - focusing on how to effectively deploy this product in a way that quickly generates real business value for customers.

This book is a valuable addition to the existing product documentation and should be read in conjunction with the official product documentation, which complements the concepts explained in this book.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to license management
Chapter 2. IBM Tivoli License Manager general overview
Chapter 3. Implementation planning
Chapter 4. Getting IBM Tivoli License Manager up and running
Chapter 5. Administering IBM Tivoli License Manager
Chapter 6. Reporting with IBM Tivoli License Manager
Chapter 7. Performance maximization techniques
Appendix A. ITLM Agent installation using IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager
Appendix B. SSL key creation for IBM Tivoli License Manager
Appendix C. IBM Tivoli License Manager databases
Appendix D. Additional material


Publish Date
12 March 2003

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