Siebel 7 with DB2 for z/OS: Database Implementation and Administration Guide

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In this IBM Redbooks publication, we describe the implementation, customization, and administration of the Siebel 7 database with DB2 UDB for z/OS and OS/390 V7 using AIX V5L or Win2000 Siebel Servers, and we discuss the following topics:

  • Installation tasks for setting up a three-tier configuration, with the application middle tier residing on AIX/Win2000 and the database tier residing on z/OS. The DB2 Connect EE V7 setup required to connect the Siebel application server to the DB2 database on z/OS is also discussed.
  • Customization of the Siebel schema for a production environment.
  • Migration from a development system to a production system.
  • Database administration tasks including:
    - Monitoring dynamic SQL
    - Identifying and inactivating unused indexes
    - Table partitioning
    - Statistics gathering
    - Reorg, backup, and recovery

Table of contents

Ch. 1 Overview of Siebel 7 with DB2 for z/OS database
Ch. 2 Installing the Siebel 7 system environment
Ch. 3 Modifying the Siebel schema for a production environment
Ch. 4 Migration from development to the production system
Ch. 5 Identifying and removing unused, non-unique indexes
Ch. 6 Partitioning method using DB2 utilities
Ch. 7 Monitoring dynamic SQL
Ch. 8 Monitoring the Siebel 7 database
App. A DB2 parameters
App. B Sample Siebel 7 generate DDL output
App. C Batch jobs for table space partitioning
App. D REXX procedures for table space partitioning
App. E REXX program for EXPLAIN


Publish Date
18 March 2003

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