Disaster Recovery Strategies with Tivoli Storage Management

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Disasters, by their very nature, cannot be predicted, in either their intensity, timing, or effects. However, all enterprises can and should prepare for whatever might happen in order to protect themselves against loss of data or, worse, their entire business. It is too late to start preparing after a disaster occurs. This IBM Redbooks publication will help you protect against a disaster - taking you step by step through the planning stages, with templates for sample documents. It explores the role that IBM Tivoli Storage Manager plays in disaster protection and recovery, from both the client and server side. Plus, it describes basic sample procedures for bare metal recovery of some popular operating systems, such as Windows 2000, AIX, Solaris, and Linux.

This book is written for any computing professional who is concerned about protecting their data and enterprise from disaster. It assumes you have basic knowledge of storage technologies and products, in particular, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

Table of contents

Part 1. Disaster Recovery Planning
Chapter 1. Introduction to TSM and Disaster Recovery
Chapter 2. The tiers of Disaster Recovery and TSM
Chapter 3. Disaster Recovery Planning
Chapter 4. Disaster Recovery Plan testing and maintenance
Chapter 5. Planning for data center availability
Chapter 6. Disaster Recovery and TSM
Chapter 7. TSM tools and building blocks for Disaster Recovery
Part 2. Implementation procedures and strategies
Chapter 8. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and DRM
Chapter 9. Overview of bare metal recovery techniques
Chapter 10. Solaris client bare metal recovery
Chapter 11. AIX client bare metal recovery
Chapter 12. Windows 2000 client bare metal recovery
Chapter 13. Linux client bare metal recovery
Chapter 14. Putting it all together
Appendix A. DR and Business Impact Analysis Planning Templates
Appendix B. Windows BMR configuration scripts
Appendix C. DRM plan output
Appendix D. Additional material

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Publish Date
12 November 2002

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