Using the IBM Lotus Virtual Classroom: A Best Practices Guide to e-Learning

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 21 February 2003

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ISBN-10: 0738429414
ISBN-13: 9780738429410
IBM Form #: SG24-6842-01
(310 pages)

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Authors: Mike Ebbers, David Balague, Balaka Ganguly, Dan Noyes, Phil Salm


e-Learning is a fast-growing segment in both the education and computer industries. IBM Lotus has developed a product for this arena, the IBM Lotus Virtual Classroom. A virtual classroom allows anyone with a personal computer and access to the Internet to enroll in a course. They can follow along with audio and video capability from anywhere in the world
This IBM Redbooks publication discusses Virtual Classroom features. In this edition we provide new information, such as a test drive of product features from learner, instructor, and administrator perspectives; planning and installation guidance (including troubleshooting information); and a sample LotusScript routine for exporting users.
Changed information includes a description of the architecture, and additional hints and tips on course design and development.
The audience for this book includes e-Learning planners, developers, instructors, facilitators, and learners. Knowledge of e-Learning fundamentals is assumed.

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction to Virtual Classroom
Chapter 1. What is a live virtual classroom
Chapter 2. Tools of the IBM Lotus Virtual Classroom
Chapter 3. Let’s take a test drive
Chapter 4. Inside the IBM Lotus Virtual Classroom 1.0
Part 2. Implementing Virtual Classroom
Chapter 5. Planning a Virtual Classroom deployment
Chapter 6. Installing Virtual Classroom
Chapter 7. User management
Part 3. Using Virtual Classroom
Chapter 8. Roles and responsibilities
Chapter 9. Analysis
Chapter 10. Design
Chapter 11. Development
Chapter 12. Implementation
Chapter 13. Evaluation
Part 4. Live virtual classroom in context
Chapter 14. Making the case for e-Learning
Chapter 15. Blended learning and e-Learning components
Chapter 16. Cultural adoption and organizational readiness
Appendix A. Technotes
Appendix B. Analysis Worksheet
Appendix C. Script Worksheet
Appendix D. Curriculum Map Worksheet
Appendix E. LotusScript user export routines
Appendix F. Troubleshooting

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