Patterns: Applying Pattern Approaches Patterns for e-business Series

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IBM Patterns for e-business provide the robustness needed to instantiate reusable architectural templates to solve eighty percent of recurring business problems, where robustness is defined as the minimal degree of changes to a design (architecture or component) to adapt to a change in business requirements.

The focus of this IBM Redbooks publication is on documenting the currently observed usages of the Patterns for e-business. This book is part of the Patterns for e-business series. We introduce three identified pattern approaches and examine pattern scenarios for each of them. The three pattern approaches are:

- Approach 1 - Building solutions on the basis of a Single Business pattern
- Approach 2 - Building solutions on the basis of Multiple Business patterns
- Approach 3 - Applying Patterns with existing Custom designs

We examine Application patterns, Runtime patterns and Product mappings to implement a Custom design. We also document the alignment of these approaches with an IBM Global Services Method.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Patterns for e-business and Pattern Approaches
Chapter 2. Business Solution Delivery methods
Chapter 3. Building solutions on a Single Business pattern basis
Chapter 4. Building solutions on a multiple Business patterns basis
Chapter 5. Applying Patterns with existing Custom designs


Publish Date
28 July 2003

Last Update
21 August 2003

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