Proof of Concept Guide for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Version 5.3

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 14 July 2005, updated 10 August 2005

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ISBN-10: 0738490059
ISBN-13: 9780738490052
IBM Form #: SG24-6762-00
(140 pages)

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Authors: Sanver Ceylan, Murat Hakan Yesilmen


This IBM Redbooks publication provides advice for Business Partners or other technical people about how to plan, implement, and demonstrate IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Version 5.3 in a proof-of-concept simulated environment.

This environment can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager solutions using customer data, in order to gain customer acceptance for the next phase of the sell cycle to engage the Business Partner in a real proof-of-concept of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
Chapter 2. Planning for installation
Chapter 3. Installation and configuration
Chapter 4. Demonstration scenarios
Appendix A. Additional information
Appendix B. Additional material

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