IBM System Blue Gene Solution: Hardware Installation and Serviceability

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This IBM Redbooks publication is the second book in a series of IBM publications written specifically for the IBM System Blue Gene Solution, Blue Gene/L, which was developed by IBM in collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). This book focuses on the physical installation and hardware maintenance of the system.

More specifically, in the first part of the book, we take you through the steps to place the Blue Gene/L racks and bolt them together. Then we explain the process of cabling the various networks on the system. The second half of the book focuses on powering off the system and then powering it back on, preparing the system for service, and replacing some of the parts.

Table of contents

Part 1. Installing and cabling Blue Gene/L
Chapter 1. Installing the Blue Gene/L racks
Chapter 2. Cabling Blue Gene/L
Part 2. Power and parts replacement
Chapter 3. Cycling power on Blue Gene/L
Chapter 4. Parts replacement
Appendix A. Statement of completion
Appendix B. Part specifications: Assembly screws
Appendix C. Electromagnetic compatibility
Appendix D. Blue Gene/L safety considerations


Publish Date
21 June 2007

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