Configuration and Tuning GPFS for Digital Media Environments

An IBM Redbooks publication


In today’s environments, when access to information is more and more demanding, media companies are implementing new solutions for their environments, focusing on performance, availability, and cost. Because GPFS historically comes from multimedia roots, the adoption of this product for digital media environments comes as a natural evolution.

This IBM® Redbooks® publication focuses on the newest GPFS functionality and its on demand characteristics related to (but not limited to) digital media environments. Digital media information flow and requirements are analyzed and matched with GPFS functionality. Interoperability of a GPFS cluster and file sharing applications for Windows clients are discussed.

This book presents a nine-step approach for configuring a GPFS cluster, and also presents various tools and techniques that make it easier for a systems administrator in GPFS implementation and day-to-day management tasks.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to digital media
Chapter 2. Introduction to GPFS
Chapter 3. Infrastructure configuration
Chapter 4. Advanced topics
Chapter 5. Maintaining and tuning the GPFS environment
Appendix A. Basic infrastructure configuration additions
Appendix B. Typical broadcast system workflow
Appendix C. Yam - installation server setup tool


Publish Date
01 December 2005

Last Update
24 June 2010

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