Using Web Services for Business Integration

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Web services are being considered an excellent technology to solve distributed computing challenges in the Internet area. At the same time, investments in business integration are increasing as well. In this IBM Redbooks publication we discuss how Web service technologies can be used in combination with various components and products of the WebSphere Business Integration family.
After a review of Web services technology, the book describes a sample Web services based application. This application is then used in integration scenarios based on message flow technology in WebSphere BI Message Broker and collaborations in WebSphere InterChange Server.

Besides demonstrating how these products can call Web services, we also investigate how integration solutions of the Message Broker and the InterChange Server can be exposed as Web services as well.

A third component of the WebSphere Business Integration family is WebSphere Business Integration Adapters. This publication investigates the use of these adapters based on Web service technologies.

Finally, this publication shows the value of exposed message flows and collaborations by invoking them from within Process Choreographer, which is a flow engine running in WebSphere Application Server Enterprise.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Web services technology and standards
Chapter 2. Sample application
Chapter 3. WebSphere InterChange Server as a Web services router
Chapter 4. WebSphere BI Message Broker as a Web services router
Chapter 5. WebSphere Enterprise as a Web services router
Chapter 6. Process Choreographer as a Web services router
Appendix A. Hardware and software configuration
Appendix B. Additional material


Publish Date
14 April 2004

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