IBM WebSphere V5.0 Security WebSphere Handbook Series

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication provides IT Architects, IT Specialists, application designers, application developers, application assemblers, application deployers and consultants with information necessary to design, develop and deploy secure e-business applications using WebSphere Application Server V5.

Part 1, “WebSphere security” provides a detailed overview of WebSphere Application Server V5 Security. It starts with J2EE security, then goes into details about the modules and components of a J2EE enterprise application; it also covers programmatic security techniques. The last chapter in this part shows all the security-related administrative items in WebSphere Application Server V5.

Part 2, “End-to-end security” offers details about end-to-end security solutions where WebSphere Application Server V5 is part of an enterprise solution. You will find an introduction to Patterns for e-business, in which security is in focus. A very important chapter in this part will discuss the integration between WebSphere Application Server V5 and Tivoli Access Manager.

Finally, the Appendixes provide additional information related to chapters in the previous two parts and also describe the sample application available with the book.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Security fundamentals
Part 1. WebSphere security
Chapter 3. J2EE application security
Chapter 4. Securing Web components
Chapter 5. Securing EJBs
Chapter 6. Securing Java clients
Chapter 7. Securing Enterprise Integration components
Chapter 8. Programmatic security
Chapter 9. WebSphere Application Server security
Chapter 10. Administering WebSphere security
Part 2. End-to-end security
Chapter 11. Security in Patterns for e-business
Chapter 12. Tivoli Access Manager
Appendix A. Sample application
Appendix B. LDAP configurations
Appendix C. Single Sign-On with Lotus Domino
Appendix D. Using wsadmin scripting for security configuration
Appendix E. Additional material


Publish Date
16 December 2002

Last Update
11 May 2004

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