Managing OS/400 with Operations Navigator V5R1 Volume 5: Performance Management

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OS/400 Operations Navigator is the graphical interface to manage your IBM eServer iSeries runtime environment. V5R1 Operations Navigator contains major function and interface enhancements over previous releases. This IBM Redbooks publication explains the performance management capabilities through Operations Navigator interfaces. This is the fifth volume in the "Managing OS/400 with Operations Navigator V5R1" series, further explaining performance management capabilities as they were introduced in Managing OS/400 with Operations Navigator V5R1, Volume 1: Overview and More, SG24-6226.

This book describes and provides examples of the following Management Central performance management-related capabilities:

- System Monitors (observing real-time system-wide performance metrics)
- Job Monitors (observing real-time job-specific performance metrics)
- Graph History (observing historical performance metric summary information)
- Collection Services (the underlying performance data collection function that supports the monitor and graph history
functions as well as input to the Performance Tools for iSeries, 5722-PT1, licensed product functions)
- Management Central - Pervasive (Java servlets supporting many of the Management Central System, Job, and
Message monitoring functions as well as managing Integrated xSeries Servers via a "remote device" browser-based
product such as a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) device)

An appendix summarizes V5R2 iSeries Navigator performance management-based enhancements.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Performance Management with Operations Navigator
Chapter 2. System and job monitors
Chapter 3. Graph History
Chapter 4. Collection Services
Chapter 5. Management Central - Pervasive
Appendix A. Operations Navigator server jobs
Appendix B. Setting the time values for Management Central functions
Appendix C. PM eServer iSeries overview
Appendix D. V5R2 performance management enhancements summary


Publish Date
01 April 2003

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