CICSVR Usage Guide

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CICS VSAM Recovery (CICSVR) is an IBM product that allows you to automate the recovery of your damaged or lost VSAM data sets, whether you are using them in a CICS, batch, or combined environment.

CICSVR is for organizations where the availability and integrity of VSAM data is vital. CICSVR provides an ISPF panel interface and automates the construction of recovery jobs.

CICSVR V3R1 introduces new capabilities and improved performance to the VSAM recovery process. Traditionally, CICSVR was primarily used as a CICS data recovery tool. With this new version, CICSVR also provides recovery for your VSAM batch applications.

This IBM Redbooks publication introduces you to the new features of CICSVR and provides useful information for helping you in the installation, setting up, and use of the product in your environment. Practical examples are included for easier understanding.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Setting up CICSVR
Chapter 3: CICSVR VSAM batch logging
Chapter 4: CICSVR in a CICS TS environment
Chapter 5: Disaster recovery
Appendix A: Additional information on APARS
Appendix B: Problem Diagnosis
Appendix C: CICSVR for CICS V4

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Publish Date
25 June 2002

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