DB2 UDB's High-Function Business Intelligence in e-business

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This IBM Redbooks publication deals with exploiting DB2 UDB’s materialized views (also known as ASTs/MQTs), statistics, analytic, and OLAP functions in e-business applications to achieve superior performance and scalability. This book is aimed at a target audience of DB2 UDB application developers, database administrators (DBAs), and independent software vendors (ISVs).

We provide an overview of DB2 UDB’s materialized views implementation, as well as guidelines for creating and tuning them for optimal performance.

We introduce key statistics, analytic, and OLAP functions, and describe their corresponding implementation in DB2 UDB with usage examples.

Finally, we describe typical business level queries that can be answered using DB2 UDB’s statistics, analytic, and OLAP functions. These business queries are categorized by industry, and describe the steps involved in resolving the query, with sample SQL and visualization of results.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Business Intelligence overview
Chapter 2. DB2 UDB's materialized views
Chapter 3. DB2 UDB's statistics, analytic, and OLAP functions
Chapter 4. Statistics, analytic, OLAP functions in business scenarios
Appendix A. Introduction to statistics and analytic concepts
Appendix B. Tables used in the examples
Appendix C. Materialized view syntax elements


Publish Date
17 September 2002

Last Update
24 September 2002

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