Implementing VPNs in a z/OS Environment

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 04 February 2002

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ISBN-10: 0738424331
ISBN-13: 9780738424330
IBM Form #: SG24-6530-00
(182 pages)

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Authors: Bill White, Raoni Castro, Abdel-Razak Isbaih, Makoto Kikuchi, Bernie Young


This IBM Redbooks publication covers the planning and implementation of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) in a z/OS environment. It discusses VPN terminology, supported topologies, and functionality provided by the z/OS Firewall Technologies.

The book offers guidance and recommendations for planning by utilizing flowcharts and walkthroughs of the most common VPN scenarios, and provides information that focuses on the definitions needed for configuring VPN solutions, using the configuration client GUI. Helpful information for verifying and monitoring your VPN installation is also included.

This book is intended for systems programmers, network planners, and systems engineers who will plan and install VPNs using z/OS Firewall Technologies. A good background in UNIX System Services and TCP/IP for z/OS, network planning, and network security is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. What is VPN - a general overview
Chapter 2. What is implemented in z/OS VPN
Chapter 3. VPN planning and design
Chapter 4. VPN pre-installation and implementaion
Chapter 5. Data management and key management configuration
Chapter 6. Configuring z/OS Dynamic tunnels - branch office example
Chapter 7. Configuring z/OS Dynamic tunnels - business partner example
Chapter 8. VPN operation and problem determination
Appendix A. VPN configuration worksheets
Appendix B. Windows 2000 VPN configuration

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