WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer for Multiplatforms 3.1

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Published 09 May 2005

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ISBN-10: 0738490644
ISBN-13: 9780738490649
IBM Form #: SG24-6493-00
(240 pages)

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Authors: Roger Mihay


IBM WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer for Multiplatforms Version 3 Release 1 provides functions for analysts and developers to understand enterprise assets, enhance them, and enable their enterprise applications for their on demand environment. Working applications can be an IS organization's biggest asset. Reusing application constructs helps accelerate application development through the life cycle by requiring less new code and reusing previously tested code. WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer assists IT personnel with the maintenance and extension of existing assets through impact analysis, connector building assistance, and application understanding. It helps enterprise customers modernize their existing enterprise assets and skills for on demand development by providing knowledge about their static environment (finding and reusing application code and the components that connect that code), and their dynamic environment (understanding what code is executing in run-time environments).

The book is divided into three parts:

Part 1, "Introduction to Websphere Studio Asset Analyzer for Multiplatforms" presents a general overview of WSAA. In this part, we cover what this product is and what it does. We provide you with an introduction to the product by showing you key elements of the Web browser interface. We also describe the roles and responsibilities of the various support personnel and key end-users of the product.

Part 2, "Working with WSAA" presents more specific, hands-on information for working with WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer. In this part we devote one chapter to each of the primary functions associated with the product and provide detailed instructions for how to use the product.

These include:
-> Product administrator functions, which include collecting inventory to load into the database and how to maintain it
-> Project manager tasks, which include exploring general and detailed aspects of a sample application
-> Application developer tasks, which include how to use WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer to make specific changes to an application.

Part 3, "Appendixes" contains summary and reference information about the product. This includes a description of the use of the distributed components, software requirements, installation information, and more.

WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer is a powerful tool that can help your site’s application development teams better understand your legacy mainframe and distributed applications. It can give your organization a firm foundation to help you transform your legacy applications to on demand Web services.

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction to Websphere Studio Asset Analyzer for Multiplatforms
Chapter 1. Overview of WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer for Multiplatforms 3.1
Chapter 2. Roles and Responsibilities

Part 2. Working with WSAA
Chapter 3. Collecting your inventory
Chapter 4. Exploring your inventory
Chapter 5. Working with your inventory

Part 3. Appendixes
Appendix A. Software requirements
Appendix B. Trader 2 application
Appendix C. WSAA installation notes

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